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For Hicmah, there are two sense of the word user-- the developer that is integrating the library with their own application and the non-programmer who is browsing the charts, graphs and administrative dashboard.

Deploying the Demos

There are three demos: Winforms, Webforms and ASP.NET MVC.
Create a server or file base datasource.
With source code, set the demo you'd prefer to try as the default project and then hit F5 or shift F5.

The demo pages will immediately start tracking activity on the demo site. Five minutes of your own activity isn't very interesting data, so you can click on the sample data generator to create a large quantity of data. Depending on the datasource you choose, this can be very slow, so there is a 60 second cut off on data generation.

Simplest Scenario. ASP.NET
Add the hicmah module to the bin folder.
(If you check your application into source control, you may want to create a reference folder one level above your project and then let the reference mechanism copy the file to bin. This reduces file locking issue)
Create a server or file base datasource.
Edit the web.config

Winforms applications don't have the same kind of plug in infrastructure. To add feature counting, you will need to use base forms, base buttons or the utility invocations.

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