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  • A variety of charts
    • Bar Charts (Done)
    • Time Charts (TODO)
  • Tracks a variety of Dimensions (DONE)
    • Date (DONE)
    • Time (shift and reports by users clock, i.e. adjusted for their time zone, and by system clock)
    • Authenticated User tracking (DONE)
    • Server and Application Configuration (DONE)
    • Http Codes for Security, Error and Missing Page data. (Hicmah is not an feature complete error logger though!)
  • Performance centric reports
  • Supports a variety of Databases
    • MS SQL and MS Access Support (DONE)
    • OleDb (TODO)
    • Odbc (TODO)
  • Supports a variety of scenarios
    • Support for both WebForms (aspx page centric tracking) and MVC (request and controller/action centric tracking)
    • Feature usage counting for WinForms
    • WCF (TODO)
    • Support for any web application such as PHP or static HTML via a javascript snippet (DONE)
  • Easy to try out
    • Try it out in less than 10 minutes with Nuget.
    • Trial website with One Click Installation (Installs Cassini via One Click including hit counter and sample site)
    • Data simulator (Done)

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