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Extension points create the opportunity to extend the hicmah without modifying the core application too much or at all.

The plan is to use Mono Addins, if possible as a way to include new code. MEF is not available, except as beta software, until .NET 4.0,

To include new SQL, Hicmah will read in files in the /App_Data/HicmahCommands folder.

More Graphs
If a new graph has the same structure as an existing one, the plan is to detect an extension graph by looking in the Hicmah Commands folder for a command with a name that follows conventions.

More Data Sources
More OleDb and Odbc datasources can be added by converting the table structure to fit the datatypes of the new database and if necessary, creating custom SQL commands for the command folder.

More Feature Counting Scenarios
For example, one could write some extension code to count feature usage in a custom MS-Access database using VBA and COM interop.

Different Report Host/Admin Dashboard
The dashboard can be replaced completely.

At the moment, new dimensions (ways to slice and group data), new metrics and measures, requires modifying the core.

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